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Xi'an Food Co., Ltd. is a listed company controlled by Xi'an Tourism Group Co., Ltd., with catering services, food processing as a pillar industry.

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  • Xi'an Rice

    Xi'an Fischer is located in Xi'an Food Co., Ltd., founded in 1929, so far, in the past 90 years, in the past one century, it has always been committed with "San Qin", inheriting and promoting Shaanxi, and continuously Mining, inheritance and innovation of Shaanxi, "Shaanxi ...

  • Old Sun Jia

    Old Sun Jiaji is one of the most famous Chinese old names in Xi'an, the ancient city. It is started in the Qing Dynasty (1898 AD), and there has been a hundred years of history so far. In the past few years, the old Sun Jiager beef and mutton, the bubble, "material heavy soup fresh, the beef bellows, the gluten, the shape of the shape, the fragrance ...

  • Dealer

    Demalemi is a well-known Chinese old name, which has been wellformed in the "Age" dumpling banquet with a strong national characteristics, and it is founded in 1936 and has been 82 years in the distance.

  • With Shengxiang

    "Tong Shengxiang" was founded in 1920, and it has been 100 years of history. It is a halal franchise stored by traditional Shaanxi's traditional name, but also a famous shop in the old name of Xi'an Dining. For more than 80 years, "Tong Shengxiang" has experienced the world ...

  • Xi'an roast duck shop

    Xi'an roasted duck shop, is a "Chinese old brand" hotel in Xi'an Food Co., Ltd.. Starting in 1916, there are two direct stores (ie Xi'an roast duck shop 369 roast duck king branch, Xi'an roasted duck shop Xishe Garden Branch), three college catering service window stores and ...

  • Spring occurs

    In 1920, the Spring Hotel was built in the old-fashioned hotel named after running Shaanxi local snacks "gourd head". A literati in the 1920s took a taste of the store's materials, and the flare gourd head bubble, he hit his life, he took Du Fu "Spring Night Rain" poem ...

  • White cloud

    Bai Yunzhang Dumpling Hall is the Hebei Baoding Hui, An Ru, An Hai San Brothers created in East Street in Xi'an in 1938. An Haiben is a restaurant in Taiyuan, Shanxi, is the main steaming dumplings, but because the Japanese is approaching Taiyuan, Anhai will move the restaurant to Xi'an.

  • Big Hong Kong Restaurant

    Xi'an Fu Yingmen, Hong Kong Restaurant Co., Ltd. is a large-scale catering company that is carefully built in large-scale food and listed companies in the country.

  • Nanzhai

    Fortress in 1934 in 1934, the Qing Yazai, which is famous for the traditional shabu-shabu, and the halal vegetables. In the 1930s, the most famous halal catering enterprises in Xi'an, the ancient city. The Kuomintang Estressor Bai Chongzhen, the right or more, many social celebrity is ...

  • Changning Palace

    Xi'an Changning Palace Conference Training Center Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 and is a modern tourism service company that is integrated with investment management of Xi'an Food Co., Ltd., Xi'an Tourism Group.

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